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People have likely been meditating on this planet for as long as there have been people.  But what exactly is meditation and why do we do it?  As  it  is now meditation is mostly seen as an action to do; also it has become something to be practiced apart from our daily life, in temples, churches, or even as social activity.  Was there ever a time in which our life and the meditation were seamlessly integrated?  Does the activity of meditation have any place in our search for the timeless creative energy that we all come from?
      Over the millennia a great deal has already been said about the practice of spirituality and still our understanding about it and even our place in Existence are at best not clear.  Many people have devoted their lives to the search for enlightenment and the development of practices and methods for attaining and holding a spiritual state; yet much remains undone and the general state of mankind lingers in what could be called a choice for suffering, rather than a choice for Joy . . . let alone, Freedom.
    So, before we begin to delve into the talks presented to ECTOM (Emperor's College of Tradit'l Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, CA) students beginning in 2000 by Mr. YH Kim, a few simple questions should be asked.  Is meditation an action, meaning something to be done in the field of time, which requires effort or methods to execute in some established pre-ordained pattern?  Is meditation a skill (like a martial art) that is developed through time or exposure to better methods, which will then produce a "return" or an even more spiritual experience to be attained inside this world of time-space phenomenon?  That is to say, will that "higher" level experience from doing some meditation method create a bio-psychic or spiritual connection which would then lift those selected few closer to the Godhead of their choice and could that connection be retained as an experience that might then be compared to other spiritual experiences for quality control purposes?
    Or is meditation actually something beyond time, beyond experience; a "movement" of Being-ness rather than Doing-ness, so that methodologies are not only not required or not helpful, but are in fact an obstruction to developing deeper understanding or insight into Life?  Might it be understood that meditation is only to know how or when to make the choice for non-doing which then ends the movement of time altogether?
    The common understanding of meditation (that it is an action to do) creates or continues the "catch-22" of all seekers and has perpetuated the suffering of even those most dedicated to seeking the grail of meditation--enlightenment.  This two-edged "enlightenment" barb can be seen in two apparently "opposite" choices; in our search for samadhi is the choice one of seeking, or, one of not seeking?  And then a third edge is found by asking where do we seek if the choice for seeking is selected?  As stated in the Bible: Seek and Ye shall Find, meaning here that if we fail to look for something beyond the paths of temporal phenomenon that is all we will ever know.  Therefore, some "effort" for seeking is needed to deepen our understanding.  On the other hand, if we seek for some thing outside of our self we also will never find, meaning that we will continue to wander in the desert of our experiences; be they "high" or "low," their base is only the changing phenomenon of space and time.  If we need to seek our mental creations will continue to lead us away from our home.  Where is God? we ask; please show or prove yourself to us.  At that point we are lost because "God" is All-in-All, beyond phenomenon, and as such can not "appear" distinctly to us within the phenomenon.
    So we do need to ask the question of where exactly is our ultimate "home" and what is the core understanding that can assist us in cleaving closer to that reality (which is the unknown) at all times.  This is the preferred choice versus following the endless concretized paths of the already known that have been walked by other wandering souls on this Earth.  Additionally, we should ask ourselves how we can consciously connect to that source easily, quickly, with minimum effort expended in the Doing state; and then we might think about how to stay with that state of connectedness through our daily life.  Our relationship with our daily existence is the key to developing insight that can be transposed or experimented with in our "meditation" efforts--the relationship with our life is our jihad, to make proper use of that word--which literally means spiritual effort or focusing.  Daily life is the test-tube in which is developed one's understanding/distinction between cause and effect--to clearly know what is the dream and what is not . . . .  The dream-life we have endured for millennia contains innumerable cruelties perpetuated against all manner of our fellow beings that share this time-space with us so that some small pleasure, happiness, or the elusive--freedom--might be taken from within that somnambulant existence and held for a brief moment.  In the name of permanence this type of human endeavor has led to our heaping waste upon waste in perpetuity, and yet we call it "living."
    But in the ceaselessly flowing river of Existence how can any trail be held or maintained permanently for us to follow?  Any footprint made in the river of time is washed clean instantly, and what place is available to post any directional marker in what Mr J. Krishnamurti called the "pathless land of Truth"?  And who is it that is actually there to follow if we could?  Instead we insist on believing that we can hold onto the endless flux of time, forever; or we think that there is something that needs to be "done" here, some payment to be made before we can meet Godhead, etc.  These are some of the many variations on that theme espoused by religious theoreticians or philosophers of all sort.  "And yet," as Krishnamurti said, "we suffer."  What are those chains that bind us to our suffering?

End excerpt from Prologue . . . written by:

Fritz Hudnut
Venice, CA
October 14, 2009

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Two  Sample Chapters as revised in '12/'13:

23). April 20,'01 residence#2 w/YHK & ?
: “I know I am suffering” is different than, “I am suffering;” in the former statement the attention energy is on awareness.

Understanding that this (the phenomenon level) is partial truth is a different structure than thinking it is the whole.  To know that (he lifts his styro coffee cup) “cup is cup,” and not all, etc, is clearly seeing what is, etc--it is to know that we make it small and tight with our interpretation/translation/definition(s).  By thinking the thought of, e.g., “I am here,” I take energy from the whole, and make it small.  Awareness does not mean phenomenon stops--it all continues--we are then just aware that illusion is illusion, dream is dream.  Awareness means that phenomenon continues, but our unconscious dreaming/sleeping ends.  Everything is in perfect order, we simply need awareness to see that--not as an infobit fact, but as understanding which in turn brings knowledge.  Our usual attitude is that we think our daily life is our entire Existence but it is just a part, not the whole.  Because we put all our energy into the small or partial truth of daily “reality” we don't see beyond that to the whole Truth of Existence.  Awareness is so we don't put all of our energy into phenomenon.

Devotion is no, “I.”  Deep rest is prayer.  First, deep rest/silence, then second, Gratitude, then third, we can say, “Thank you” and mean it.

God is All in All, that is, God is Unchanging; God does not “come and go,” or sometime not listen, fail to see, etc.  When we can be in deep rest/silence that is a direct connection with God, that is ultimate prayer.  When we pray “to God” with our desires, needs, etc, we are placing our attention outside of ourselves instead of focusing inside; in doing that we deny God, or Reality, or it indicates that we think God is separate or an object.  When we have a want for some thing, perhaps a desire, or we have some expectation/hope, that is denying God/True Reality, who always knows what we need.  So when we complain, reject, or avoid whatever is happening, we are denying God, it is acting like God doesn't “hear” or “know” what we are doing.  True Reality is always Good Will, Perfect Order.

[Note: Experiment]: Same moment--Be Together with whatever comes, for example, if Fear, etc.  Then we can see that it is shadow and it then goes away--we can cut. [End]

The object of meditation is for the ego-I to not be here--which is only when we have deep rest.  Where were you during meditation?  Here?  What was your state?  Was your meditation quiet and space-like?  First we need to bring our attention to our self--to know our state with awareness, clarity.  Same moment is opportunity to Be Close; however, if you only think the thought of to “Be Here” that indicates separation from the whole.

[Note: He answers question from student, T.]: Nothing you can do can make God angry--he is not weak!!!!

24). April 24,'01 ECTOM w/YHK:

A). Sit comfortably--can you make your mind comfortable, the same as when you sit down when tired--same method, can you rest your mind?  Can you make your mind comfortable when it's not, just like we can make our body comfortable when it's not?  Do we need permit?  Are you the  owner or the renter of your body?  If you can't do comfortable mind where did that notion of “I can't do it” come from?  Did it come from an experience of failing to do it in the past?  Would you like to change your life?  To change, you have to know one secret--we can change our state--it is one decision to do the new.  Do you seriously want to change, or are you just doing change like you change your clothes, one time a day?  Do you know we have a choice in how we can focus for changing our state?  Is that choice for change just a dream to you?  Actually, our “daily reality” is more fantasy than dream, can you understand that?  In reality we can do a lot more than we do in dream, because dream is only a part of our life.

Is it possible to change our state to the direction we want, without doing or study--immediately?  Within your experience that may not be possible, but that is not Universal Truth, only our individual experience.  Can you be comfortable and at peace, right now, or do you want “step by step”?  We are Free to choose at every moment, no one can do it for you.  Do you use that privilege?  Let's try now.  Don't try to study or learn anything--use your self directly, not some method.  Choose, do you want Peace, in the future or now; to select between whether we have distance or no distance--we are Free, to choose.  Do you want to have less than a second, five minutes, or one year?--with no conditions, make your decision NOW--but don't expect, give the order to your self.

B). Do you think your “inside” is dark?  You can make it bright gradually like sunrise or immediately; what do you feel, now?  Did you sincerely use your self; did you “really try,” or did you directly DO it?  As you gave an order to your self could you trust your self, or did you think, “It's not really possible,” but then try anyway?  We don't need to trust or confirm, we just need to want strongly, and make a strong decision to use your self, now.  What do you think about the fact that it is your choice?  For example, when you suffer or are sad, who's choice is it?  Given the same set of conditions we can react or translate in many ways; however, we usually choose one--i.e., suffering.  But, we choose without choosing consciously; that is because we don't choose Joy, we get suffering.  We don't choose light, so we get dark; then we think that it is “not our choice,” but really it is like a choice, it is just done without consciousness.

Nobody gives us suffering, do you agree?  Is that only a theory, like with Taoist philosophy?  Or do you see that it is our Truth?  In every moment, at the moment of choice why can't we choose?  Do you think you are fully awake in every moment?  Children “make a mistake,” without knowing it--we are also like that.  It's not that we are doing “wrong” that’s at issue, it's that we are doing it uncomfortably.  Anyway, it should be understood that there is no sin--e.g., even if killing a person--if we are clear does that mean we can't do killing?  So, if there is no sin, then there is no punishment, divine or otherwise, that is coming or deserved, etc--same with “karma.”  There is no sin in this world, our only problem is that we are not awake, so we don't have clear consciousness.  We don't know what we are doing in every moment, so we do hope, expect, despair, or worry instead.


In daily life, have more contact with the air, etc; then there will be more peace/harmony/Love, then there will be Freedom.  Less contact is resistance/conflict, more contact is less judgment; then Love will start working . . . then there will be more Freedom.  Our feeling is our limit.  We are Love--bring more Love with everything we contact--but don't think, “love” . . . “love,” etc.  More contact is Love; daily we have the chance to express Love.  It's ALL a gift to us, why not share?  Contact the whole Universe--Now, the Moment.

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