Surfing the Timeless Wave
Surfing the Timeless Wave new edits/revisions for  Vol1 now in 2020!
   This book has been written to introduce the first year and a half of meditation sessions that the writer, Fritz Hudnut, DAOM, L.Ac., attended with Mr. YH Kim--self-described simply as a, "helper."  It is based on notes taken during or soon after a series of tri-weekly meetings with him that occurred in 2000 and 2001 at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA.  The core intent of his sharing demonstrated the real "zen" aspiration of living fully in the eternal Now--for meditation in daily life.  As such, for this writer it started a process of finding, not seeking, a way in to life and then on to approaching the infinite reality that deeply supports all life.  Those first sessions were spoken mostly in Korean with translation made roughly into English.  This writer has attempted to reproduce the meaning and intent of those words so that others might learn to share the miracle that is freely available to anyone interested in contacting Life in its ultimate expressions.

View of Zion Canyon National Park in Utah
Surfing the Timeless Wave
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